The ShopHub grocery delivery application provides grocery delivery and pick-up. The ShopHub website and the ShopHub mobile application are the two ways in which ShopHub provides its services.

Customers can order groceries from partnering retailers and have them delivered by ShopHub contracted personnel.

Customers may order from their favourite supermarkets from the comfort of their own homes using the ShopHub grocery delivery app. With a variety of shops and reputable local food stores, customers may shop for products from locations near them. ShopHub then links the customer with a personal shopper in their area to shop with, as well as any shopper in that specific store if ShopHub assigns one.

A personal shopper is a person who assists customers in shopping by offering and making recommendations; these people may work in stores, as freelancers, or solely online.

The current pandemic rules and regulations will be strictly followed by ShopHub. As a result, ShopHub offer contactless delivery to its consumers. It is critical and of importance to ShopHub to maintain everyone's safety at all times.

Customers can track the status of their purchasing with the ShopHub delivery app and communicate with the person in charge of the shopping, the "shopper," at any time using the ShopHub app or website.

ShopHub is a grocery delivery service that links customers with shoppers. Shoppers log in, look for orders, shop for them, and deliver them to the customers using the app.



It is important to note that the prices of products offered on SHOPHUB are determined by the retail partners. However, costs may vary by specific shop. Some retailers may use the ShopHub website or app to establish pricing that differ from those in their stores. As a result, ShopHub will disclose price policies for each retailer's store on the app and website.

The SHOPHUB grocery delivery application simplifies customers’ grocery shopping by providing access to multiple stores in one platform. The system will consist of known departments that are found at most grocery stores, with departments such as: Fresh products; Dairy products; Meat; Meat alternatives; Seafood; Pantry food; Baked goods; Wine; Coffee; Tea; Alcohol; Alcohol by location; Frozen foods; Beverages; Organic grocery; Household essentials; Office supplies; Beauty products; Pharmacy; Automotive parts; Pet care etc.