Individual advantage of using grocery delivery app.

  • Saves a lot of time, money, and no check-out queues.
  • Easier Product Search and Discovery
  • Aids in budgeting

Other online shopping motivational factors.

Numerous consumer needs such as browsing and searching for products, ease, and convenience, obtaining information about firms, products, and brands, comparing product features and prices, shopping 24/7, having fun and excitement, maintaining anonymity while shopping for certain products, are all fulfilled more effectively and efficiently than conventional shopping but through online shopping. In fact, the benefits that consumers derive out of the online shopping experience are two-fold, namely, functional, and utilitarian dimensions, like “ease of use” and “usefulness”, or emotional and hedonic dimensions like “enjoyment”.

  • Product motivation: Lack of availability of products also drives customers to go for online shopping.
  • Preferences
  • Psychographic and situational factors that impact a consumer’s decision to shop online.
Other factors that motivate customers to use online grocery applications when shopping are:
  • Convenience:
  • Product variety:
  • Purchase surrounding:
  • Information depth:
  • Brand:

How grocery delivery app can uplift retailers.

Motivational factors that may encourage retailers to partner with the ShopHub Grocery delivery app:
  • Expand Customer Loyalty: once consumers start to use the online grocery app and have a good user experience, they soon become loyal to the business.
  • Better Customer Relationship Management (CRM): moreover, expanding loyalty from customers, retailers get to have the entire CRM system at their fingertips. In a normal CRM, retailers are supposed to create an extensive database of consumers and find the relevant data at the opportune moment.
  • Better Inventory and Order Management: Grocery apps always come with their admin panels so that retailers can access it using their computers and mobiles. Additionally, using this admin panel, retailers can easily manage their complete inventory.
  • Decreasing Overhead: retailers will be able to reduce their staff and overhead dramatically. It will eventually increase retailers’ profit.
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