Want to sell online

You heard the buzz, sell online, be online, ecommerce. Or you have been selling online, but you are not getting enough exposure. So where do you start? Well, you have come to the right place on shophub. Below are 3 easy to follow options. Click on the relevant button or scroll down to read more.

SHOPHUB - More exposure

I already have an online shop, I want to boost my sales

Increase web traffic to your site by listing your online shop with us and get people genuinely interested in your products.
We give you access to an easy to use, user-friendly merchant dashboard to monitor your click-through rate, manage your product feed, add video marketing to your products, send email campaigns and manage your subscription. Starting at a 0.50 per-click bid rate with 30 days free trial

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SHOPHUB - Online Shop

I have stuff to sell, I need an online shop

We have pre-made online stores for the new enterprenuer starting-up in ecommerce and wants to be in control. If you are looking to create a store brand or identity, this option is for you. We provide you with the "virtual showroom" for your products. We handle the technical bit, you choose a website name, get your own products, courier services and do your own marketing to bring customers to the store. Your business, your way

Lets create my shop
SHOPHUB - Sell Stuff

I dont need an online shop but I have stuff to sell

If all you care about is a new selling channel without the need to know the technology behind it all (domains, SEO, hosting, e.t.c) then this option is for you. We give you a platform to sell your products (and services) without the hassle of managing a website. You upload your products to our marketplace, we advertise to potential customers, they buy through us, we notify you about the purchase, you deliver, then you get paid. It's that simple

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