Personal Shopper

ShopHub shoppers are well-trained and equipped individuals to assist customers with their purchases.

The shoppers only shop for orders that have been assigned to them, allowing for easy tracking and follow-up.

Customers choose their desired items and place them in a shopping cart. They can request for a shopper and a certain delivery method, such as a pick-up location or home delivery.

When a consumer chooses the shopper option for grocery shopping, ShopHub will search its pool of registered shoppers for shoppers who are nearest to the customer and the chosen store(s).

When a shopper accepts a shopping request, the consumer receives the shopper's contact information so they can engage with them during the shopping process.

The shopper goes to the right store(s) and begins shopping after getting the order. Shoppers will be issued a shopping list, and if some of the goods on the list are unavailable, they can request substitutions per the customers suggestions.

Without a doubt, our Shoppers provide great service to their customers on a regular basis.

You can apply as a full-time or part-time shopper or as an in-store shopper. You'll receive an e-mail with instructions on how to apply for your selected role after passing a background check.

For more information, ShopHub support team will be happy to assist!
Personal Shopper

Become a personal shopper